Su instagram è iniziata la #unusualtravelchallenge! Scopri i gironi QUI

insolitotramtravel is born from and idea of Christian and Elena, who want to conjugate their passion for travels with the desire for knowledge, to be spread through funny and easy to understand pills!

With this porpuse, around the end of March, we opened our instagram account, in which we post our travel pictures together with funny and involving initiatives that helped us to reach over 9000 followers

Facebook e twitter profiles followed the instagram one.

In  July 2018 we opened the blog, natural extension of our social presence and place in which we could speak about our initiatives with more freedom!

What can we offer


With us you can reach more than 9000 people interested on what you have to offer thanks to our space in the blog and to our social channels! In particular we can make reviews and promotions of products, touristic locations, restaurants and everything related to the travel world.

Multimedia contents

We create multimedia contents tailor made for you! In particular, we can realize short videos, photo shoots and textual contents aimed to the promotion of your activity in social and non-social channels.

Web services

We offer web services of different kind, aimed to highlight your brand and your products. These services include creation and managment of social pages, creation and activation of websites/blogs, correction or addition to existing blogs and websites.


54% women
46% men

Fascie d'età

2% - 13-17 years old
22% - 18-24 years old
40% - 25-34 years old
19% - 35-44 years old
11% - 45-54 years old
6% - 55-99 years old


65% - Italy
3% - USA
2% - United Kingdom
2% - Spain
1% - Rest of the world

Instagram followers


Average engagement

Average likes

Average comments

Curated initiatives


Format presented every tuesday and thursday in Instagram stories. We present short curiosities related to geography and history.


Hashtag  launched in our first day in the social that invite the community to share their funny faces with this hashtag.


Hashtag launched in our first days in Instagram. It consists on a mini game that allows user to travel the world through their friends images!


Tournament between 9 travel bloggers, called to select 2 representative cities and to cheer for them in the challenge. The tournament took place using the polls in instagram stories and totally gathered more than 6200 votes.

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